Letter to God


Father God,

How can I say “thanks” for all that you have done for me and given to me?  You have redeemed my past into something beautiful, though I am definitely still a work in progress!  Thank You for your patience with me and for the promise that you won’t give up on me.  You will be faithful to complete all You have started in me.  You have always known what I would be when I grew up, You have always known my heart and my passions.  I remember as a child always looking out for the underdog, or those who seemed forgotten or lonely.  And I never really thought much of that until now.  You were showing me Your heart for those same people, even before I knew You…how cool is that?!  And, now, You have given me a heart of passion for the ministry of Compassion…a ministry whose heart beats with Yours.  I have always loved children, and always tried to see the best in them, especially those from tough circumstances in life.  So, besides the three beautiful children you gave me by birth, the nieces and nephews, and all of the children who You gave me to teach at church or help at school, You also have seen fit to bless me and my family with 11 Compassion children.  You knew how my heart broke when we lost two of them, and You allowed for two more to help fill the void, though they never could be replaced.  I can’t get over how You have entrusted these young people to me and my family.  You have given us such great responsibility to nurture them in the ways of the Lord, to encourage them to keep going when all the odds seem stacked against them, to pray for them as f they are our own.  An extended family that spans the world!  I like that!  Thank You so much for giving us that gift.  I pray, Lord, that we will also be faithful to complete the work You have given to us.  May we never grow tired or weary, and may we always have room for more as You lead.  And as I pray this prayer, I also pray that You will lead others to this ministry, so that they, too can be blessed by all that You do through it.  This is what I was made for…and I know that there are more people You have made for this special purpose as well.  Open their hearts, Lord, and help them to know that this is what You have made them for, too!  And when my time here on earth is done, I pray that I will hear those beautiful words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”  Thank You, Jesus!  I love You!  Amen.



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